Platform: Windows

Release Date: TBA

Revelations we had while making this game:
-You can solve each problem while dancing in face of danger,
-You can set everything to a tune,
-Everything feels much nicer with music.

Do The Whirlwind is a mix of an old school platformer and rhythm game. Blame it on global warming. Ice caps melt as planet cooks.

Collect points by grabbing the stars. Jump on beat to receive bonus. Hit the drums in the right moment and flowers will sprinkle from under your feet. Do not fear falling. This game is not about dying. Avoid coconuts, airplane droppings and evil pink fish, but you can knock Kamikaze off the sky.


Lil' gameplay video:


n' some Screenshots:

What we promise the full version will have:
-Locations, Locations, Locations - 5 more continents to explore
-Cocktail Recipe Unloackay

What we will try to implement:
- An ability to import your own songs

Platform: PC

Sometimes we bite off more then we can chew, but even the biggest undertaking can be swallowed if broken up in small chunks.

Do The Whilwind Tam Tam - Pint size serving of our bubbly game, or another experiment in the world of Clementine & Friends.

Hit 'em blockheads 'till they start to sing. This may or maynot end up in the final game, still we thaught it'll be fun to post it here.

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